Thorough, Experienced and Knowledgeable

The Robert Paul Jones Company

The Robert Paul Jones Company, founded in 1976 by Bob Jones, is now owned and operated by W. Scott Gudely. We have long history of valuing commercial properties in the Washington DC area. Our staff has the knowledge and resources to value a wide variety of property types. W. Scott Gudely is an approved VDOT appraiser

Why Us?

The Robert Paul Jones Company is one of the DC areas most experienced and respected appraisers. Our clients retain us for projects involving:

  • Financing
  • Estate Taxes
  • Private Investment
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Eminent Domain
  • Tax Appeal
  • Private Development

Property Types

With so many years of experience The Robert Paul Jones Company has the knowledge, experience and resources to reliably value a wide variety of commercial properties. Please refer to the specific property types below for more information.